August 2023 Newsletter
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August 2023
Heavy-Duty, Multi-Pin, 7.5A, Thermoplastic Connectors
featuring Snap-Fit Caps
Available in 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 and 12 positions

Amphenol Sine Systems’ ATM Series™ SF01 connectors are a high-performance, thermoplastic, cost-effective solution which features an integrated Snap-Fit Cap enhancement that ensures rear seal stability under uncontrolled, harsh environmental conditions, all while maintaining an IP68/69K rated (in mated condition) performance regardless of wire bundle direction or improper installation.

The ATM Series™ SF01 meets all the performance criteria and specifications of the original ATM Series™, is available in a wide variety of custom colors, and accepts all A Series™ Size 20 contacts. Required wedgelock sold seperately.
ATM Series
ATM Series SF01
(Snap-Fit Cap)
Key Features
  • A more robust end cap design incorporated onto the rear of the connector body where the seals are exposed
  • Enhanced Sealing Plugs for simplified insertion/removal, improved retention capabilities and include a positive ‘stop’ for full insertion verification
  • Thermoplastic housing with excellent UV resistance
  • Wedgelocks ensure proper contact alignment & retention
  • Integrated latch for mating ensures a secure connection
  • Superior front and rear environmental sealing
  • Compatible with existing standard products industry-wide
  • Custom color housing options available
Applications: Marine, Heavy Equipment, Agricultural, Automotive, Alternative Energy, as well as other demanding interconnect applications
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      Amphenol Sine Systems was founded in 1967 and is a subsidiary of the Amphenol Corporation and is a leader in Industrial interconnect products. The company designs, manufacturers and supplies high-performance interconnect systems for a broad range of Industrial applications including factory automation, motion control, heavy equipment, alternative energy, rail mass transportation and advanced technology solutions for hybrid-electric vehicles. The company's headquarters are located Clinton Township, Michigan with global manufacturing, engineering, sales and service operations.
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      Entertainment@Amphenol is the global brand-name of Amphenol Audio, based in Australia, and is represented in North America by Amphenol Sine Systems headquartered in Clinton Township, MI USA. This branding better represents the extensive range of pro-audio, broadcast, video display & lighting products available worldwide.
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      We can custom design, engineer and manufacture cable assemblies to your exact customer specifications and produce large or small quantities, all to the highest standards, delivered on-time and in-specification, all with a significant cost-savings over the competition. By combining locally-based Program Management & Engineering, along with the associated cost advantages derived from manufacturing in our low-cost production centers in North America and Asia, our Team will work with you to design the most cost-efficient and reliable interconnect system available.

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