Top 10 for 2021
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December 2021
Updating you on our ever-expanding product lines and Company news.
Our Team at
Amphenol Sine Systems and
would like to wish you a Happy Holiday
and thank you for your continued support
over the past year.
Here is a recap of our Top 10
New Product Releases from 2021
(Plus a few extras...)

Available in 24 and 40 position

Amphenol Sine Systems ARC Series™ Connectors are a rugged, heavy-duty, environmentally-sealed, rectangular connector series where high pin-counts are required in situations with controlled and/or uncontrolled environmental conditions. Amphenol Sine Systems ARC Series™ Connectors are currently available as In-Line Plugs and Flange Mount Receptacles.

All Plugs and Receptacles are IP68/69K rated (in mated condition)

  • Accepts contact Size 16 (13A) / 14-20AWG
  • Jackscrew w Threaded Insert for mating
  • Bonded Front Seals on Plugs
  • Normal or Reduced Diameter Rear Seals
  • Available in A, B, C and D Keying Options
  • Compatible with existing standard products industry-wide

Available in 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 and 12 position Plugs and Receptacles with single-ended cordset standard lengths of 1, 2, 4, 5 and 10 Meters.

Our Plug assemblies feature our StructurePlus™ AT design, an engineered, one-piece, solid body construction specifically designed for cable assembly operations. The added connector structure results in enhanced connection integrity that is an essential component for connecting cable in harsh environments.

  • IP68 Rated (mated)
  • Enhanced Sealing Protection
  • Relieves Stress on Conductors
  • Ergonomic Grip Design
  • Integrated Lanyard Holes
  • Cosmetically Appealing
  • Tamper-Proof
  • Protective Caps Available for 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 & 12 Position Plugs

Available in 38 position (6 Power/32 Signal Configuration)

Amphenol Sine Systems’ DuraLok™ Dual-Locking Connectors are a high-density, heavy-duty, IP67 rated (mated), environmentally-sealed connector series available in both Plugs and Receptacles, with three (3) keying options (A, B and C). The robust, integrated locking lever, built directly into the plug housing, ensures a secure mating with the receptacle every time. Featuring a robust, integrated locking lever, built directly into the plug housing, that ensures a secure mating with the receptacle every time.

  • Integrated Locking Lever
  • Combined Power & Signal In One
  • A, B & C Keying Options
  • Reduced Diameter Seal (-S1) or Standard Seal (-S2) Option

13 x Size 16 Contacts / 2 x Size 12 Contacts Configuration

Amphenol Sine Systems' AT Series™ 15 Position Connectors are a high-performance, IP68/69K rated (mated), cost-effective solution able to be used in a variety of interconnect applications. They contain superior environmental seals and seal retention capabilities.

Key Features
  • Part of the AT Series™ product line, available in 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12, 13, 15 and 18 position
  • Optional keying configurations A, B, C, D and E (color-specified)
  • Plug and receptacle housings are pre-assembled with internal rear seals and covers
  • Integrated latch for mating ensures a definitive electrical and mechanical connection
  • Superior front and rear environmental seals and seal retention capabilities provide a multi-sealing perimeter against environmental ingress
  • Compatible with existing standard products industry-wide

Available in 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12 and 18 position

Amphenol Sine Systems’ AT Series™ SR01 and SR02 Connectors are a high-performance, thermoplastic, cost-effective solution with specifically designed, wire cavities that protect each individual wire seal, eliminating stress on the rear seal while maintaining an IP68/69K rated (mated) performance regardless of wire bundle direction or improper installation. The AT Series™ SR01and SR02 meet all the performance criteria and specifications of the AT Series™, is available in a wide variety of custom colors, and accepts all A Series™ Size 16 contacts. Required wedgelock sold seperately.

Key Features
  • Heat-shrink capable shroud for applications requiring heat shrink (The use of heat shrink is NOT required to meet existing IP standards)
  • Enhanced Sealing Plugs for simplified insertion/removal, improved retention capabilities and include a positive ‘stop’ for full insertion verification
  • Now available in optional PanelMate™ (-PM15 (SR01 Standard Rear Seal) or -PM16 (SR02 Reduced Diameter Rear Seal))
  • Thermoplastic housing with excellent UV resistance
  • Wedgelocks ensure proper contact alignment & retention
  • Integrated latch for mating ensures a secure connection
  • Superior front and rear environmental sealing
  • Compatible with existing standard products industry-wide
New AHDP PanelMate™ Receptacle options
New Size 24-16 Inserts Arrangement options for AHDM and AHDP Series
New AHDM Series backshell options

DuraMate™ AHDP and DuraMate™ AHDM
Size 24 with 13 insert arrangements 7(x2), 9, 16, 18, 19, 21, 23, 27, 29, 31, 35 and 47
Size 18 with 6 insert arrangements 6(x2), 8, 14, 20 and 21

Amphenol Sine Systems’ DuraMate™ Family of IP68/69K rated (mated), environmentally-sealed, multi-pin, heavy duty, plastic (AHDP) or metal (AHDM), circular connectors provides an economical, quick-connect, bayonet locking system manufactured to withstand the challenges and complexities of harsh environment off-road applications. Currently available in DuraMate™ AHDP Series and DuraMate™ AHDM Series.

  • 3 key-way bayonet design ensures proper mating of connectors
  • High density signal and mixed power insert configurations
  • Operating temperature range: -55°C to +125°C
  • High current configurations incorporating revolutionary RADSOK® contacts
  • High strength impact resistant & lightweight thermoplastic or zinc-alloy metal housings
  • Low insertion force stamped terminals offer improved manufacturing efficiencies
  • Standard WTA (Wide Thread Adapter) provides maximum access to rear grommet and improved serviceability Environmentally-sealed and engineered rapid and secure mating system achieves IP68/IP69K protection (mated) from ingress of dust, water, mud and other contaminants and is vibration resistant Sealing features consisting of durable high temperature silicone provide barrier from lubricating oils, hydraulic fluids and fossil fuels
  • Backshells maintain a compression-fit design to resist maximum pull-out forces and facilitate strain-relief for jacketed cable ranges Utilizes A Series™ standard contact system (Stamped & Formed or Machined) Wire entry sealing available in three separate ranges for discrete wire applications

Available in single pole position

Amphenol Sine Systems’ BoardLock™ ATFHD13 Series is a flangeless, 90° right angle, wire-to-board environmentally-sealed, thermoplastic connection system with a maximum current rating of 100A. Featuring a compact, durable, low-profile and lightweight design, perfect for high-power applications in Heavy Equipment, Transportation, Industrial, Off-Road and Harsh Environments. All BoardLock™ Header product lines accept A Series components and are compatible with other industry standard mating connectors.
New Coax and RJ45 options
New Inline with Endcaps options

Available in 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, and 18 Shell Sizes and 27 Insert Arrangements for Power, Mixed Power/Signal, Coax and RJ45 layouts.

Amphenol Sine Systems’ ecomate® Aquarius Waterproof Connectors provide an IP67/69K waterproof rating when in a mated condition for industrial applications, and incorporates the latest technology in high impact thermoplastic design, offering advantages of lightweight, lower-cost, sealed connector systems on the market today. ecomate® Aquarius Waterproof Connectors are ideal for Indoor/Outdoor applications and the MILDTL-26482 based design provides a quick, reliable, 1/3 turn bayonet coupling. The pin and socket contacts are available on reels, in strip form, for high volume, low cost, automatic machine terminations. They are also available in loose piece, machined, contact forms and can be shared with the ecomate® RM Rugged Metal Connectors multi-way connector series.

  • IP67/69K in mated condition
  • Bayonet Rapid Coupling System
  • Power, Mixed Power/Signal, Coax and RJ45 Layouts
  • Machined, Stamped & Formed, and PCB Contacts
  • Lightweight, High-Strength, Impact Resistant, Thermoplastic Housing
A few extras...

More Colors Available!

Our A Series™ Family of heavy duty, multi-pin, thermoplastic, rectangular connectors encompass a wide range of products, serving a variety of industries, and come in a wide variety of color modifications for your specific needs. Colors are often used to help differentiate between keying options, but we also offer color modifications across a large number of our A Series™ product lines for your specific project needs.

We now offer fully-sealed, protective thermoplastic caps for AT, ATM and ATP Series™ Connectors.

Available in 2-12 position (depending on Series) Amphenol Sine Systems’ A Series™ Caps are a low-cost alternative to using standard connectors with sealing plugs and provide an optional protective covering for harsh environmental and industrial applications. All caps are IP68 rated (1M of Water for 24 Hrs).
Now available in a transparent StructurePlus overmold option!

2 Pos, 13A LED Plug Connectors in 12V/24V

Amphenol Sine Systems’ AT Series™ LED (Light Emitting Diode) Plug Connectors, available in a 12V and/or 24V LED plug option, are a highly-visible, field-serviceable, cost-effective solution for quick visual verification of power to help reduce troubleshooting time. Available in both Black or Grey body shells with clear endcap on our AT Series™ LED version, as well as Transparent body shells with our StructurePlus™ AT LED version.

(The engineered, one-piece, solid body construction of our StructurePlus™ overmold compatible connectors results in enhanced connection integrity that is an essential component for connecting cable in harsh environments, as well as custom molding and shrink tube options.)

  • Environmentally-sealed for harsh environments
  • Front and Rear Seals (Standard and Reduced Available)
  • Available with or without Reverse Voltage Protection Circuit
  • AT-SR01™ Enhanced Strain Relief End Caps come factory assembled on the plug
  • Accepts Solid or Stamped & Formed Size 16 AT Series™ contacts
  • No additional assembly required other than insertion of chosen contacts
Amphenol Sine Systems was founded in 1967 and is a subsidiary of the Amphenol Corporation and is a leader in Industrial interconnect products. The company designs, manufacturers and supplies high-performance interconnect systems for a broad range of Industrial applications including factory automation, motion control, heavy equipment, alternative energy, rail mass transportation and advanced technology solutions for hybrid-electric vehicles. The company's headquarters are located Clinton Township, Michigan with global manufacturing, engineering, sales and service operations.
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Entertainment@Amphenol is the global brand-name of Amphenol Audio, based in Australia, and is represented in North America by Amphenol Sine Systems headquartered in Clinton Township, MI USA. This branding better represents the extensive range of pro-audio, broadcast, video display & lighting products available worldwide.
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We can custom design, engineer and manufacture cable assemblies to your exact customer specifications and produce large or small quantities, all to the highest standards, delivered on-time and in-specification, all with a significant cost-savings over the competition. By combining locally-based Program Management & Engineering, along with the associated cost advantages derived from manufacturing in our low-cost production centers in North America and Asia, our Team will work with you to design the most cost-efficient and reliable interconnect system available.

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