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February | 2020
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Our HPT Series Power Connectors and Accessories, an extension of our highly successful HP Series™ (Blue/Grey) Power Connector line, brings significant design improvements to the marketplace!  Designed to be fully plug compatible with both the original and latest industry standard products, UL Recognized, and an easier-to-use, innovative, patented, cable clamp lock design safety feature.

The HPT Series™ is an ideal "first choice", or "drop-in" replacement, for your lighting fixture, video wall, special effects, powered loud speaker or power distribution interconnect needs.

HPT Series Power Connectors are perfect for AC power supply where a durable, latched, twist-locking, circuit-breaking connector is required, and are rated at 20A @ 250V. They can be connected or disconnected under load and are IP65 rated. Front-end safety keying features are built into our design, eliminating the safety risks of mis-mating associated with worn out master key designs found in other brands on the market.

Market Applications: Entertainment & Broadcast Lighting and Special Effects, LED Video Walls, Stage Power Distribution Boxes, and Powered Loud Speakers


  • 2+PE contact layout
  • IP65 & UL50E Type 4 Enclosure rated (in mated condition or in conjunction with our accessory covers)
  • 20A @ 250V (16A @ 250V EU)
  • Quick release, easy on the thumb, vibration resistant latch
  • High impact, UV resistant materials
  • True Mains Connector with Current Breaking Capacity (CBC)
  • Industry standard mating interface
  • Standard inline versions are UL rated for 14-3 SO OD cordage with a locking cable clamp*
  • Jumbo versions ("J") are UL rated for 12-3 SO OD cordage without a locking cable clamp*
  • U.S. Patents 10,186,804; D839,193; B840,341

This is the First UL Recognized Inline Connector on the market that accommodates up to 12-3 "SO" (600V) Portable Cord as REQUIRED in "Extra Hard Usage" Applications as defined by the NEC

Our inline connectors accommodate larger OD 600V rated "SO" cordage, unlike competitive products that are only UL recognized for "SJO" (300V) "Junior" cordage.

Article 400 of the National Electric Code defines the applications in which "Extra Hard Usage" "SO" portable cord is REQUIRED, which was not, until now, available from any connector manufacturer in the market. This required both UL and local electrical code inspectors to waive this requirement. As Inspectors learn of this product’s availability, we believe this requirement will no longer be waived in new installations and you may be required to change out your non NEC-compliant cable connectors currently being used in these application to bring them up to Code. (See Table 400.4 of NFPA 70: National Electrical Code (NEC) 2017 Edition.)

*NOTE: In order to accommodate the larger OD’s of the 600V "SO" Cord in our jumbo connector design, the back shell locking feature was eliminated from the "Jumbo" designs. While the locking back shell is an added personnel safety feature, it is not a requirement of the NEC or UL.

Entertainment@Amphenol is the global brand-name of Amphenol Audio, based in Australia, and is represented in North America by Amphenol Sine Systems headquartered in Clinton Township, MI USA. This branding better represents the extensive range of pro-audio, broadcast, video display & lighting products available worldwide.

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